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American Heroes
Program Length: Approximately 45 Minutes

General info:
This program reviews some of the songs that have been popular throughout America's history that deal with historical figures or types of figures. This program is designed to stimulate thought about what is a hero here in America, along with the historical events surrounding some of these songs. A wide variety of styles and instruments are presented to give the students as much exposure to different aspects of music as possible. I can included some lyrics to some of the songs that lend themselves to sing-alongs. 
I just want to give the teachers the option of going over these either before or after the assembly.
Songs include:
• This Land is Your Land
• Yankee - Doodle
• John Has Gone for a Soldier
• Old Joe Clark
• Boil ‘em Cabbage Down
• Battle of New Orleans
• John Henry
• Sweet
• Betsey From Pike
• John Brown’s body
• Geronimo’s Cadillac
• Jesse James
• Satin Doll
• Little Brown Jug
• White House Blues
• Why Do I Like Roosevelt
• Abraham, Martin, and John
• Acoustic guitar
• Harmonica
• fiddle
• tambourine
• banjo
• Indian flute
• mandolin
• saxophone
• bottleneck guitar
• electric guitar

Historical events or periods discussed:
• Revolutionary War - George Washington
• Slavery
• Civil War - John Brown
• Westward Expansion
• Cowboy Era
• War of 1812 - Andrew Jackson
• Geronimo
• Franklin D. Roosevelt
• Abraham Lincoln
• Martin Luther King, Jr.
• John Kennedy