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Q: How many instruments does Craig play?
A: At last count there are about 20. He is always working on new ones, too.

Q: Does Craig do programs for preschools or birthday parties?
A: Yes, he has taught classes at preschools for over 10 years and has a program specifically for this audience called Fun with Music.

Q: Does Craig bring his own sound system to performances?
A: Yes, he has a state of the art Bose sound system that he brings.

Q: Does Craig give private lessons?
A: No. Unfortunately his crazy schedule does not allow for regular lessons.

Q: How far does he travel for programs?
A: Craig frequently does programs from San Diego all the way up to San Luis Obispo area. To the East he goes as far as Palm Springs and 29 Palms. If he can put together a few bookings he will travel as far as the San Francisco area or to Phoenix area.

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“I just can’t tell you 
  how much fun I had”  
~Jackie – Chaparral Elem. 
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