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America’s Multicultural Music
Program Length: Approximately 45 Minutes

General info:
In this program Craig Newton presents an overview of the diversity of America’s music. Using his extraordinary talents as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and storyteller, Craig serves up a smorgasbord of music. The focus here is on the country, region, or ethnic group that originated the instruments of songs that are performed. Drums from Africa, the "goose egg" from China, the Penny Whistle from Great Britain, the tambourine from the Middle East... the list goes on. The audience is invited to join in and participate, and is given an idea of the rich heritage of music in America.
  Songs include:
Rosin the Bow
Old Joe Clark
En Roulant Ma Boule
Five Foot Two
Sy a Hamba
Cotton Needs Pickin'
Satin Doll
Walkin’ Blues
Roll Over Beethoven
Twist and Shout

Instruments demonstrated:
• Tin whistle
• Fiddle
• Acoustic guitar
• Recorder
• Mandolin
• Harmonica
• Indian flute
• Thai harmonica
• Ukulele
• Tambourine
• Banjo
• Conga drum
• Saxophone
• Arch top guitar
• Electric guitar

Countries or Areas discussed:
Great Britain
Middle East

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