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How The West Was Sung
Program Length: Approximately 45 Minutes

General info:
Program takes the audience from approximately 1850 to the present. The songs are used to represent the different groups of people that moved west and finished filling in our country. These groups include miners, settlers, railroad workers, cowboys, outlaws, Indians, and more. I have included the lyrics to some of the song that work particularly well as sing alongs. These can be reviewed before or after the assembly if the teachers so desire. I just want to provide the option.
Songs include: 
Oh  Susanna
Banks of the Sacramento
Sweet Betsey from Pike
John Brown’s Body
l've Been working on the Railroad
Drill Ye Tarriers Drill
Shenandoah Geronimo’s Cadillac
The Ballad of Jesse James
Old Chisholm Trail
Satin Doll
Litte Brown Jug
Bad to the Bone
Johnny B. Goode
Instruments demonstrated:
Acoustic guitar
Indian flute
bottleneck guitar (blues)
electric guitar
Historical events or periods discussed:
Gold Rush
Civil War
Cowboy Era
The Railroad
Indian Conflicts
Homesteading Settlers